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This is our suggested short term solution:

Quick Fix

1) add javascript to page footer (Must view it after changing it so snapshot will be created)

     this is a javascript that would be similar to a google analytics one

2) add a DNS record pointing to the Citability server for old versions (e.g. archive.senate.gov)

choose one or more

a) find archive server (we hope to help create some of these)

  i) Archive.org

  ii) state archive server

  iii) presidential archive server

b) create your own server (We would like to create a Linux distribution disk)

c) Amazon EC2 instance (about $70 a month) or another cloud service


So once we create the archive servers, this is an extremely easy, smart and low cost solution!


Our longer term solutions are listed by technology but basically...

1) Module/plugin that adds anchor tags to the pages themselves in a microformat fashion

2) CMS will push changes to archive server (don't need javacript and don't have to view)

3) Generate beautiful URLs that go directly to archive server

5) setup Archive server




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