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Page history last edited by Silona Bonewald 14 years, 5 months ago

[Jon] There's a little-known syntax for addressing by page or named section in PDF. See http://jonudell.net/udell/2004-10-05-page-addressable-pdf.html. I guess the named section feature will rarely work, because it requires prep in the authoring phase that I think is rarely done. However the page-addressing feature does often seem to work. So this can be a better-than-nothing fallback in cases where HTML is unavailable.


Although if you're planning to mirror PDFs as HTML, the point may be moot? Absolutely, Ideally, we shouldn't have to be dealing with PDF's at all and the real workaround would not be converting them, but instead converting bureaucracies by setting policy and norms so that they are not what is used to publish data, but instead more flexible and semantic open standards like xhtml.


[Silona] I need to point Brian Gannon - our top Perl parser at this page!

[Silona] perhaps also maybe we should do a tutorial on how to create a PDF properly for citability purposes?  I'll ask Adobe if interested.

[silona] Does anyone want to sign up to do a PDF parser at dccodeathon.com?



Comments (3)

Silona Bonewald said

at 2:24 pm on Aug 13, 2009

Jon and I decided this topic needs it's own page! So let's discuss all the PDF issues and possible standards here in regards to citability!

Silona Bonewald said

at 12:55 pm on Aug 18, 2009

Also found others talking about similar issues http://anilmakhijani.com/2009/04/12/dataio/ most specifically Anil working on NYSenate our most likely first implementer of citability IMHO.

Joe Carmel said

at 8:13 am on Oct 5, 2009

For those interested in this topic, you might be interested in this post: http://legislink.wikispaces.com/message/view/home/14870950#msg_15036860


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