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Organizations Contacted

Page history last edited by Silona Bonewald 14 years, 12 months ago

NOTE this is NOT Governmental Groups!  By NPO's and others that we want to work with!


Org Name Org Contact Contacted BY Endorsing? Date Add to site?
Sunlight Foundation John Wonderlich Silona YES May 09 Yes
Apture Tristan Harris Silona Yes May 09 NEED TO!
OReilly Tim OReilly Silona  did on ostp website May 09 capture his quote for Website
Drupal.org Dries        
Four Kitchens David Strauss        
Archive.org Brewster Silona likely May 09 and Jun 09  
C-pet.org Nigel Cameron Silona possible    
Cato Jim Harper Silona      
Heritage Foundation   Silona      
EFF Brad Templeton Silona      
Consumers Union          
Mediawiki foundation          
Plaxo Joseph Smarr Silona      

Open House

Congress pedia          
govtrack.us Joshua Tauberer Silona Maybe May 09  
American Librarian Assoc   Silona - ask BSF      


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