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  • An easy-to-deploy archival server that can take page snapshots
    • Hosts all permalinks
    • Could be hosted by the agency or a third party
    • Uses a software version-control tool as the primary database
    • Allows other parties to replicate the data
    • Likely an easy install of a Linux server distribution with the archival tools included
  • Quick and easy integration solution
    • Include Javascript on each page that ensures the archival server takes snapshots as each page changes
    • The Javascript also walks through the HTML DOM to add permalinks to each paragraph
    • The "easy integration" method works with even static HTML
  • Long-term integration solution
    • Option one
      • CMS pushes changes directly to the archival server
      • CMS integrates the archival server's permalinks directly into HTML
      • Most streamlined option
    • Option two
      • A proxy server (base on Squid/Varnish?) that pushes changed content to the archival server
      • The proxy server modifies the content passing through it to add permalinks to the HTML
      • Works with any CMS and even static HTML
    • More accessible
    • No Javascript required
    • Broadly applicable integration model (text filtering/formatting plugin) that works with even basic blog and CMS tools
  • Mark up documents using paragraph/sectional anchor tags to create nice anchors that go directly to the correct paragraph
  • Permalinks are human-readable URLs with timestamps, document ID, and an an anchor to the section/paragraph

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