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Technical FAQs

Page history last edited by Kevin D. Keck 13 years, 4 months ago

1) Why not add versioning?


One we are trying to keep it simple and make it an easy addition to pre-existing systems.  If you notice with the DateTime stamps, it should be easy for any of us geeks to add versioning on top of this (perhaps on the archival server side of things.)  But for now, let's keep it simple.  I really do not want this to also be a discussion of versioning standards.


Versioning is currently inherent to the archive server we have setup.  If people would like to create pretty versioning apps to sit on top of the archive server please do.


2) Why not make this a wiki?


We are shooting for a standard not just a technical solution.  If you want to create a wiki web app that uses the archive server, great, please do so.  The purpose of this standard is to make sure that just about ANYONE can plug it onto their existing system with minimal fuss. 


3) How is security addressed? 


we are suggesting that the archive servers hash each document and each paragraph.  Then by making the servers clonable by using a git or bizarre system the versions are distributed to various versioning servers all over the net and you would have to change those too.  So not perfect but in regards to risk analysis of cost verses difficulty and likeyhood - it is a pretty good solution.


4) Why not use XXX solution instead?


Post the solution here and we will address it ( who know maybe I missed one while doing research.)



First off, DOI is trademarked and patented. We already have a problem with WestLaw's copyright system. Proprietary documentation systems are dangerous. Everyone is required to obtain permission to use the system.


Secondly, Primary goal of citability is to be HUMAN READABLE so that it can easily be used on blogs and such. DOI is not human readable.


Thirdly, I see no simple versioning of content so that we cannot see changes over time of text.


Fourth, easy of use is non existent and doesn't seem to be addressed. We want it to be easy for govts to implement without CHANGING pre-existing solutions.

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