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UK citability - Alterations or add ons necessary to work with UK published data


Hi - I am interested in taking this interesting idea into UK, and would be interested in working on the code base




1. https://launchpad.net/citability/+series -> it seems there is no checked in code? Is this correct?


2. Is this a dead project?


Quick Architectural thoughts


This appears to be a project that intends to copy government published work (especially proposed bills) and provide trackable changesets to the documentation.


1. tracking chunks within a larger document.  It is not enough to provide a changeset for a whole document, we would want to track not by paragraphs but by individual changes between documents - ie the paragraph about lumber rights in Vermont might get moved from page 1 to page 23 in version 2 of the bill.  We therefore want to have version 1 of the bill divided up as paragraphs as usual, but version 2 will have paragraphs for citability (hard to do actually)*and* will also reference the location of the changed words in 1 and in 2 and the changeset.


2. reference format - human readable is too hard.  A DNS like transaltion between machine meaningful URLs like a hash and human meaningful will be needed.


3. tools to download the bills, convert and hash them.  that is essentially all that is required is it not?


4. archive servers - nice idea but surely a federated approach like torrents is a good idea - given a hash of a bill, a server needs not only to store the plaintexst original but to advertise it holds the bill.  So a web index page for the server saying what it holds, and a means to uplaod that to any other server so that others can find it. 


5. indexing of the bills - the server should it be able to search its originals for specific words etc.  Use of sphinx?



Anyway - seems interesting - i wuld like to do some work on it if anyone is still working on the project.  PLease let me know



base format - plain text

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Silona Bonewald said

at 7:47 am on Apr 8, 2010

This is not a dead project but is a project getting started. The codeathon is this weekend. You should check out Http://dccodeathon.pbworks.com

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